Nissan UD added Collision Mitigation Brake System to Quon Series Heavy Trucks

The Nissan UD Trucks on March 12, cargo CV system GK series tractors, CD, CW, CG, and long car CX track system “(Kuon) Quon” large company, the brake “Traffic Eye brake” collision mitigation was released as standard equipment. Nissan UD company, which is one of the largest Japanese Truck makers and Japanese Bus both small and heavy buses as well. I brake traffic, monitor the vehicle in front in the millimeter-wave radar was equipped with the front bumper, to assist with collision avoidance in more than 15km/h approximately, automatic braking system that aims to reduce damage. Had been set in the option from the year 2007, it was equipped with a standard as the company will be the first time.

The system is poised to become a mechanism to support a three-stage, in the first stage and interrupt a certain distance limit was set, draw the attention of drivers in audible alarm and warning lamp. In the second stage to operate the automatic brake if the driver does not work around, keep the engine output. If it is determined in the third phase there is no way to avoid a collision, and further, with strong brakes activate automatically, reduce the damage during a collision.

In addition, vehicles equipped with traffic I brake to be released this time, the adoption of such transmission with the engine and improved the combustion efficiency and high pressure injection pressure maximum of the fuel, the gear ratios a wide range of fuel economy standards for heavy vehicles in fiscal 27 “Heisei achieve “.
Also, combinations such as urea SCR catalyst and ultra-high-pressure fuel injection, in the “Post New Long-Term Emission Regulations”, equipped with a system “(Friends) FLENDS” to reduce particulate matter PM and (nitrogen oxides) NOx are also relevant to all Japanese Truck industry. In addition, low-emission vehicle certified by the base year Heisei 21 of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Japan, the automobile acquisition tax and automobile weight tax is tax cuts tax breaks by 50 percent.